How to Play Domino


Domino is a board game where players knock down the dominoes to create sets. The game can be played using different rules depending on the amount of dominoes in a set. There are various types of dominoes, including double-six dominoes and single-six dominoes. The first dominoes were referred to as bones, pieces, men, stones, cards, and dice.

A domino tile is approximately twice as long as it is wide. The tile has a line down the center that divides it into two squares. The number of pips on either side is called the “rank” of the tile. Most domino sets have values ranging from 0 to six. A tile with more pips will be heavier than one with fewer. However, a domino game may require that all players play at least seven dominoes to win.

The earliest record of the game of domino comes from the Song dynasty of China, although the game first made its way to Europe around the 18th century. The word domino actually means “long hooded cape” or “mask” worn by priests. Originally, the domino pieces had ivory faces and ebony blacks, which may have reminded people of the capes worn by priests.

For a simple and fun game, you can set up a domino tower. Start with three or four dominoes, alternating between two or more dominoes. When the first domino in a line is tipped, the others will follow suit. As the game progresses, the dominoes must remain stable or they will fall down for the next player. It is fun and surprising to watch dominoes fall.

The most basic type of domino game involves two players. Each player draws seven tiles from a double-six set. Then, players alternately extend the line of play, counting the pip counts of the loser’s hand. If the winner’s hand has more than two pairs of dominoes, they win. Then, they repeat the process until one of them wins. They then exchange dominoes until the winner reaches the highest score.

Another type of domino is known as matador. The matador is the player who plays a domino with a number that totals seven when added to one end. The muggins goal is to make the sum of the open-end pips on a layout a multiple of five. If a player succeeds in this, they must play the domino in their hand. The game has many different rules. To learn more, visit or contact a professional.

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