How to Convert a Domino Application Into a Web Application

Domino is a popular tool for creating web forms. It lets you build lightweight self-service web forms and then link them together to track parameter values for internal stakeholders. It also helps you build interactive web pages. If you want to convert a Domino application into a web application, you will need to understand who will be accessing it and how that access will work. Using notes formula language, you can detect the type of users accessing your application and modify the way your application displays the information based on their role.

The IBM(r) Domino Designer 9.0.1 Social Edition helps you design web applications and use the integrated Web application server to host Internet and intranet clients. The server can serve HTML files and documents stored in the file system. It uses the HTTP protocol to transfer information. The tool is able to handle a variety of client requests. In this way, Domino is ideal for a variety of projects. The following table summarizes how to configure the IBM(r) Domino Designer.

Domino supports a variety of technologies. It uses a CGI script to process requests. It can also reference static HTML pages by referencing them in a document or through a URL. Moreover, it can cache Domino pages and can be requested from the server by a Web client. Besides, it can also expose Domino functionality to the Web client with the use of URL extensions. These methods allow you to extend the features of your web application to any other platform.

Domino includes an integrated Web application server that helps you host sites for Internet and intranet clients. It can serve HTML files stored in a file system or in a Domino database. It also uses HTTP protocol to exchange information. This makes it a powerful tool for any business. There are also many ways to use Domino. It’s easy to get started. The software can be used in a wide range of applications and is perfect for business needs.

The software includes an integrated Web application server, allowing you to host sites for intranet and Internet clients. It can serve HTML files and documents stored in a Domino database. The game can also be played through a browser by converting documents into a web application. It uses HTTP protocol to transfer information. It’s a great choice for businesses that want to create an interactive web site for their clients. With Domino, you can host your models and websites and manage them centrally.

Another useful feature of Domino is its integrated Web application server. If you’re looking to build an intranet site, you can choose to use it for both Internet and intranet clients. The software can also be used for hosting a website. You can use this to store documents and manage your company’s content. A Domino-based web site will have a database that contains all the data you need. In addition to databases, Domino can also host other applications.